Merrick Bank Sucks  !  !  !


This page is dedicated to airing consumer complaints and exposing the corruption surrounding Merrick Bank of South Jordan, Utah.  This company is a consumer nightmare.  They are professional rip-off artists.  Avoid doing business with them at all costs.

This page is under constant construction.   If you have any questions or any horror stories concerning your personal dealings with Merrick Bank, please email your stories to:



If you receive a mail solicitation to sign up for a Merrick Bank credit card or any other service, RUN, do not walk, to the nearest shredder.  Then quickly incinerate the remains !

Merrick Bank, in my opinion, is a criminal organization that takes advantage of people who cannot fight back.  My personal experience has been one of fraud and defamation.  Not since Ali Baba have so many thieves been in one place!

Merrick Bank is a predatory lender.

Customer service is non-existent with these bandits.  They listen with one ear, but it goes out the other.  In the end, they do nothing for you.  They simply humor you till you go away.

They are one of the new breed of insidious cancerous companies that are passive-aggressive.  They will continue to bill you until you pay, even if you can demonstrate that they are wrong !

Until more information is available on this page, to read the many horror stories go to one of the following pages (enter Merrick Bank into their search box, if necessary) :



This company has been convicted of criminal wrongdoing by the New York State Attorney General.  Merrick Bank IS NOT a registered corporation in New York State.  They do not even have a registered business alias in New York State.  

They are NOT registered with the state banking department.  They are not considered a "real" bank.  Apparently, since they are a "credit card issuer", they are given a special status.....   they can say they are a bank, yet never have to be a "real" bank and, they never have to register with authorities -- THE BIGGEST LOOPHOLE I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS !    A perfect place for this form of organized crime ! ! ! !

Where is the Justice Department ? ? ? 

Merrick bank charges ridiculously high interest rates.  Their fees are exorbitant.
If they take over your account from another institution, their pattern is to raise your interest rate by an obscene amount and then to suddenly announce that you have an annual membership fee that you may not have had before!!!!!  Talk about a breach of contract !!!!!

Right now they are being sued for their misleading campaign for
their Pre-Paid MasterCard. As a result Merrick had to shut down
their Pre-paid accounts as well as their Revelation America debit card account.


Consumer Complaint Agencies

This is a growing list of agencies that you can complain to about the illegal and immoral practices of Merrick Bank:

    FDIC Compliance and Consumer Affairs,550 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20429 (800) 934-3342

    Utah Dept of Financial Institutions, 324 South State Street, Ste 201,SLC, UT 84111 (801) 538-8830  

    The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC)   WWW.IFCCFBI.GOV

    Your individual state Department of Banking (see your phone book)

    Your Secretary of State  (see your phone book)

    Your State Attorney General   (see this list )

This is the Registered Agent for Merrick Bank:

     Howard B. Gee, Registered Agent; Merrick Bank Corp., 10713 S. Jordan Gateway, Suite 150, S. Jordan, Utah 84095



Merrick Bank Owner / Operators (a/k/a Thieves)

Merrick Bank's corporate office is located in South Jordan, Utah.   Merrick Bank's parent, CardWorks L.P., and affiliate, Cardholder Management Services, LLC (CMS) are both based in New York State  (Long Island region).  The original business start date was September 1997.

CardWorks, L.P. is a Delaware registered corporation and is a "FOREIGN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP".  The New York State Department of State forwards their mail to:


Cardholder Management Services, LLC (CMS), is apparently the transaction processing arm of Merrick Bank.  It is a Delaware registered corporation and is a "FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY".  It's address is listed as:


Cardholder Management Services, LLC has apparently been growing by buying out marginal or failing credit card programs such as:

    - Providian
    - Nextbank
    - Singer
    - FCNB - First Consumers National Bank  (this is a collection agency)

Then, after the purchase, they stretch and break every credit collection law out there in order to make the accounts profitable.

Also be alerted to the name Applied Card Systems Inc.  This company appears to be another affiliate of this criminal enclave.


Merrick Bank Corporation management personnel include:

    Kevin L. Anderson     President

    Mr.  Don Berman        CEO / 10% Owner
    Mr.  Howard Gee        Corporate Counsel, Registered Agent
    Ms. Cami Mitchell        Operations
    Ms. Laura Luce           Correspondence Administrator

     Phone Number:    (801) 545-6600
         Fax Number:     (801) 545-9952


Merrick Bank Corporation is listed as being at:

  CardWorks, L.P.
  55 East Ames Ct
  Plainview, NY 11803

NOTE:  This building is empty and is under construction.
              These thieves are hiding ! ! ! !


CardWorks, L.P. likes to hide behind a "Media Agent":

    The Abernathy MacGregor Group, Inc.
    501 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY
    Ann M. Hance     Managing Director
    Erin Moore         Account Executive
    Kenneth Juarez   Vice President

    Phone:    (212) 371-5999
    Fax:        (212) 752-0723



I am seeking all street addresses for Merrick Bank, especially in the Long Island, New York region.  Merrick Bank has a nasty habit of only publishing a P.O. Box address.  A legitimate business does not try to hide!  I cannot serve them with a law suit unless I can locate a street address.  


Please email any information you might have to the Webmaster address above.




Although we cannot offer legal advice, here are strategies for fighting back against these larcenous vermin:

  1. Where possible, file suit in small claims court.

  2. If you do not have a street address for Merrick in your state, contact the Secretary of State in the state you reside in. Ask them who Merrick's registered agent is in your state and serve Merrick through their registered agent.  All businesses who do business in your state, should have a registered agent. 

  3. Also, be sure to file suit in your state and not in Merrick's states Utah or New York (unless you live there.  This will put the burden on Merrick to hire an attorney in your area to represent them.  If many states, Attorney's can not represent a company in Small Claims Court, so that would also mean that a representative of Merrick itself would have to travel to where ever you are located for the hearing.  One other tactic to consider is naming the CEO and President of Merrick bank personally.  If they are personally named, you have the legal right to serve interrogatories, production of documents, etc. on them and not the company as a whole. You also have the right to depose them for deposition in your home state.  When a company is facing having their CEO and president travel out of state for depositions, they are fairly quick to settle. 

  4. Make sure to Serve Mr. Gee as the Registered Agent via Federal Express or Express Mail at the Merrick bank Corporate Offices along with a copy of all relevant documents.

  5. Be sure to file a complaint with every consumer agency possible.

  6. Make sure to take advantage of all local media outlets.  Many local TV new stations will take on your complaint and run with it to expose these thieves to all in your community.

  7. If your account is in dispute, Merrick Bank may not report it to the credit reporting agencies.  That is a direct violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  The penalty for violating this rule is $1,000.00 plus triple any damages you can prove that were the result of false reporting. It is also a direct violation of 15 USC 1692 of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

  8. In addition, many states have a state credit reporting act which you could also sue on.  Your state statutes may provide for additional civil penalties and damages.

  9. If your account was transferred to Merrick Bank from another institution (Providian, Spiegel, Nextbank, etc.) and is under dispute and has been reported to the credit collection agencies, write to Merrick bank via  certified mail. Advise them that you are aware that they have reported this account incorrectly and in accordance with 15 USC 1692 you are requesting a copy of the original credit application.  Usually, the original creditor will not provide copies of applications to the new creditor.  It is simply too much paper work.  That means the debt can not be substantiated and Merrick Bank is prohibited from collecting or reporting the debt.

Please make sure to e-mail us with other winning strategies ! ! !





E-Mail Addresses:





The MAIN office:



Merrick Bank
10705 South Jordan Gateway #200
South Jordan, UT 84095

Merrick Bank  c/o  Howard Gee
10713 South Jordan Gateway #15
South Jordan, UT 84095

Merrick Bank
P.O. Box 5000
Draper, Utah 84020-5000
           Phone:  801-545-6600        Fax: 801-545-6400


Correspondence Address  ( a/k/a Waste of Time ):

Ms. Laura Luce
Merrick Bank
P.O. Box 5000 
Draper, Utah 84020-5000


Cardholder Customer Service:

Merrick Bank
Customer Service
P.O. Box 9201
Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001   Phone:  877-790-5648


Cardholder Payments:

Merrick Bank
Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 5721
Hicksville, NY 11802-5721

Legal Department:

Merrick Bank
Legal Department
P.O. Box 5000
Draper, UT 84020-5000

Other Locations:

1000 Woodbury Road
Woodbury, NY 11797

Merrick Bank
3100 S. Gessner Rd., Ste. 400
Houston, TX

Merrick Bank
P.O. BOX 171439

Merrick Bank
PO Box 23356
Pittsburgh, PA

Merrick Bank
PO Box 247001
Omaha, NE

CS 18025
Hauppauge, NY 11788-8825

841 E. Hunting Park Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19124-4824

Merrick Bank has locations in various other states.   If you know of any addresses, or of any information,  please forward them to WEBMASTER@MERRICKBANKSUCKS.COM